Fabbri Amarena Gourmet Sauce - 6/33.5 Oz.

Fabbri Amarena Gourmet Sauce - 6/33.5 Oz.

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This classic flavor has a long tradition behind it, and now Fabbri has transformed this delicious gourmet specialty into a new product – 

Fabbri Amarena Gourmet Sauce. This sauce provides the typical, original pleasure ofgenuine Fabbri Amarena. This new sauce can be used on all your creations, to prepare cocktails and long drinks, and for decorating desserts, semifreddo and gelato.

Fabbri Amarena is the product that symbolizes the history of the Bolognese company, epitomizing all the originality and tradition of Italian products. You can also try the cone-shaped lid to help you with your decorations!


Happy 100th Birthday Amarena Fabbri!