Mighty Leaf Tea Herbal Infusion Variety - 6/15 Ct.

Mighty Leaf Tea Herbal Infusion Variety - 6/15 Ct.

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The Herbal Infusion Variety is the perfect introduction to a variety of Mighty Leaf's signature herbal tea blends. Soothe and refresh with five of our caffeine free artisan crafted herbal infusions.  Enjoy loose leaf tea in our convenient silken tea pouch, our gourmet teabag twist.

Includes the following: Chamomile Citrus, African Nectar, Rainforest Maté (Maté contains caffeine), Ginger Twist and Organic Mint Melange. The box contains 15 individually cello wrapped biodegradable Tea Pouches


Mighty Leaf's Chamomile Citrus herbal tea is a refreshing infusion perfected to curl up with and savor by the sip. Made with Soothing Egyptian chamomile flowers and subtle slices of citrus fruit, this vibrant blend will rejuvenate the spirit. From intoxicating aroma to sweet flavor, this signature herbal tea infusion in ML's silken tea pouch, our gourmet teabag twist, with chamomile, fruits and herbs reflects our vision of the artisan tea experience.  100% Biodegradable.

Origin: Egypt

Use: Chamomile is traditionally drunk by many to soothe the body and mind before bed time.  However, we recommend serving our Chamomile Citrus as a refreshing herbal infusion to calm and focus the senses before the work day begins.  In the alternative, try it on ice during the summer to refresh and revive. Also, makes an excellent after-dinner digestive. Pair the infusion with light foods and complementary flavors like cookies or fruit flavored item such as lemon or orange.

Ingredients: Orange peels, chamomile flowers, rosehip peels, lemongrass, lemon myrtle, hibiscus, spearmint, natural flavors, orange petals

Character:  Herbs and Fruit: Dried herbs, fruits and flowers
Aroma: Bright citrusy and floral notes
Color: Reddish-orange jewel like liquor
Taste: Sweet, apple-like taste of chamomile with a citrus finish of orange and lemon


Mighty Leaf's African Amber herbal tea infusion is made from antioxidant-rich African rooibos leaves that mingle with lush notes of mango, vanilla and hibiscus for a smooth, vivid cup.  Get infused with a silken tea pouch, ML's gourmet tea bag twist, bursting with naturally caffeine free Rooibos and fruit flavor.  100% Biodegradable.

Origin:  South Africa

Ingredients:  Organic rooibos leaves, natural flavors, organic hibiscus flowers, organic marigold flowers

Character:  Herbs and Fruit: Fine, needle-like rooibos leaves, dried flowers
Aroma: Lively tropical notes
Color: Jewel red liquor
Taste: Rich and full body with a honey-like and tropical flavor


Mighty Leaf's Organic Mint Melange herbal tea, renews and refreshes with the finest organic mint loose leaf leaves from the lush Middle Atlas Mountain range in Morocco. A well-rounded infusion with sweet lingering notes, Organic Mint Melange herbal tea captures the cool and pure essence of mint.  This delicious organic tea is certified organic by the USDA. 100% Biodegradable.

Origin: Morocco

Use: Serve Organic Mint Melange as a refreshing and stimulating morning beverage. After a large meal, try sipping to ease the effects of a full stomach. Pairs well with fruity desserts.

Ingredients: Organic mint

Character:  Herbs and Fruit: Dried mint
Aroma: Cool, fresh mint
Color: Light yellow liquor
Taste: Round body with sweet, minty finish


Mighty Leaf's Ginger Twist herbal tea combines lemongrass with tropical fruits and refreshing mint to culminate in a lush infusion balanced with a touch of Australian ginger and ginseng.  Packaged in a silken tea pouch, ML's gourmet teabag, this magical loose leaf tea blend delivers an extraordinary flavor experience. 100% Biodegradable.

Origin: France, Morocco

Ingredients: Lemongrass, mint, licorice root, apple, orange and lemon peel, papaya, natural fruit flavors, natural citrus flavors, ginger flavors, ginseng

Character:  Herbs and Fruit: Lemongrass slivers, dried mint, fruit pieces
Aroma: Cool mint and spicy citrus nose
Color: Pale golden-yellow liquor
Taste: Smooth, light body with notes of citrus, mint and spicy hints of ginger and ginseng


Mighty Leaf's Rainforest Mate herbal tea blend unites mate tea, spice and fruit in this unique herbal mélange composed of energizing maté, licorice, spices, rosehips and pineapple chunks that refresh and revitalize when brewed. Maté also called yerba mate is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, and contains natural caffeine, which affects the body differently than regular caffeine, both calming the nerves and bringing about an energetic lift. This tropical blend will satisfy the palate with its fruity and spicy notes.

Origin: South America

Ingredients: Rosehips, green mate, green anise, mint, licorice, cloves, apple pieces, cornflowers and marigold petals, natural flavors

Character:   Leaves: Unroasted matÈ, licorice, spices, rosehips, apple chunks and fruit notes
Aroma: Spiced apple and fruit notes
Color: Golden yellow
Taste: Hearty with a slight zestiness, fruited and spiced with a slightly sweet finish