Mike's Green Goddess Dressing Mix - 48 Oz.

Mike's Green Goddess Dressing Mix - 48 Oz.


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Mike's Green Goddess is a direct descendent of an old and well known hotel recipe that created "green goddess" in the 1920's. Excellent with fresh garden greens the flavor of this blend is excellent as both a dressing and as a dip for garden vegetables. Add a couple of drops of Tiparos fish sauce to the finished product for an exquisite flavor.


  • Green Goddess Shrimp on Endive

             1  5-oz.package plain Boursin cheese, 1  lb Large Shrimp, shell on and deveined, ½- cup Mike’s Green Goddess Dip and Dressing Mix, 3- heads Belgian Endive, leaves separated

Cook Shrimp in boiling water until just opaque. Cool in an ice bath. Remove shells, drain and cut into 1 inch pieces. Mix Boursin and Mike's Green Goddess Dip and Dressing Mix well. Smear one tablespoon Green Goddess Boursin on each belgian endive leaf and add 2-3 pieces shrimp. Chill and Serve.


  • Add 1 oz of Gran Cucina Green Goddess Dip and Dressing Mix to 1 cup mayonnaise and 1 cup sour cream for a delightful dip . Add 1 oz of Dressing mix to 1 cup Buttermilk and 1 cup mayonnaise for a wonderful garnish. Option: Add 1/4 teaspoon fish stock to dressing or 1 anchovie to develop an incredible flavor.


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