Molecular Gastronomy Starter Kit - 1 kit

Molecular Gastronomy Starter Kit - 1 kit

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This kit contains everything you need to get started to make your culinary dreams come true.


The contents of this ready to go kit are as follows:

1 x Caviar Maker Tool Kit:

1 Set of measuring spoons for dosing a variety of diameter spheres such as raviolis, marbles, and other spheres 
4 syringes for depositing drops which produce “caviar” 
2 spoodels for collecting, straining and rinsing spheres
1 Caviar maker to make larger batches of caviar.

1 x Calcium Chrloride

Used in a water bath, its reaction to Sodium Alginate & Sodium Citrate causes a reaction by firming liquid into spheres.

1 x Sodium Alginate

Creates fruit caviar, ravioli, marbles and various spheres when deposited into a Calcium Chloride water bath.

1 x Sodium Citrate

Controls acidity and performs as a buffer resisting changes in pH and is commonly found in Jell-O type products. Used to regulate the acidity in high acid liquids when creating spheres (caviar, ravioli, marbles etc...).

If purchased separately the contents would cost $154.00