Tete De Moine - 2 x 1.8 lb

Tete De Moine - 2 x 1.8 lb

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Tete de Moine is a washed rind cheese--the aroma is natural and is created by the "schmear bacteria" that is on the outside of the wheels. During production the cheeses are washed in a saltwater solution that causes the unique taste profile of Tete. Our Tete is one of the more aged ones on the market and thus the aroma is more profound--and often sought after by our local restaurant market.

The acidity and moisture content of Tete allows it to safely ship without refrigeration with no ill-effects (except for a more pronounced aroma when it arrives at the destination).  The outside rind will "schmear" (thus the name of the bacteria) when handled due to the soft consistency.

The mold on the outside is perfectly natural as this cheese is naturally aged in caves that are inundated with this mold within it's walls. The outside rind of Tete is not to be eaten with, or without the mold as it's exposed to the elements for quite sometime and isn't a good flavor.

The customers in our downtown Denver, CO based cheese deli rave over the stinkiness of the Tete and we have about 40 wheels on hand at any given time (we welcome you to stop by and enjoy the stink!)